Snowman Pancakes

Snowman Pancakes

By: Van's Foods

Posted on: January 04, 2016

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Homestyle Pancakes, Blueberries (buttons and eyes), Strawberries (scarf), Mini Chocolate Chips (mouth), Cantaloupe (nose), Kiwi (trees), Powdered Sugar (snow), and Nutella (arms and tree trunks),


Cut out two small circles (one slightly larger than the other) from Van's pancake

Use the smaller circle for the snowman's head and the larger one for the body

Use blueberries for the buttons and eyes

Use slices of strawberries for the snowman's scarf

Draw snowman's arms with hazelnut spread

Cut out small slice of cantaloupe for the snowman's nose

Use small chocolate chips for the snowman's mouth

Cut out small triangles from kiwi to use for the trees and draw trunk of trees with hazelnut spread

Lastly, sprinkle powdered sugar on the bottom of the plate for the snow