Lion Pancakes

Lion Pancakes

By: Van's Foods

Posted on: March 17, 2016

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Gluten Free Pancakes, Clementines (Mane), Bananas & Blueberries (Eyes), Blackberry (Nose), Hazelnut Spread (Ears & Whiskers),


Start by using a whole Van's Pancake for the lion's head.

Cut out a pear-shaped pancake and an upside down heart-shaped pancake.

Place the upside down heart pancake on top of the pear-shaped pancake to create the lion's nose.

Place a blackberry in the center of the nose and place dots using hazelnut spread around the blackberry.

Cut out small banana slices for the lion's eyes and place blueberries on top of bananas.

Cut out small circles from pancake to use for the lion's ears.

Color in 3/4 of the lion's ears using hazelnut spread.

Finish it off by placing clementine slices all around the lion for its mane.