Holly Jolly Santa Waffles

Holly Jolly Santa Waffles

By: Van's Foods

Posted on: November 30, 2016

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Gluten Free Waffles : Apple Cinnamon, Strawberries, Bananas, Blueberries, Raspberries,


Toast Van's waffles per packaging instructions.

Slice strawberry halves and place them around the top of your waffle to create Santa's hat.

Next, cut the banana into thin slices. Place a row of slices along the bottom of the strawberry hat to create the fur lining. Place a single banana slice at the tip of Santa's hat. Place remaining slices around the sides of the waffle and at the bottom to create Santa's beard.

Place two blueberries on the waffle for Santa's eyes.

Finish things off with a rosy red raspberry nose.