Elephant Pancakes

Elephant Pancakes

By: Van's Foods

Posted on: April 14, 2016

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Homestyle Pancakes, Strawberry Yogurt (ears), Banana & Blueberries (eyes), Nutella (eyebrows and peanut), strawberry (tongue),


Cut out the outline of the elephant's head from a Van's pancake.

Cut out half circles to use for the elephant's ears and cut an outline of an elephant's trunk from a pancake.

Once all shapes are cut out, place small banana slices in the middle of elephant's head for the eyes.

Place blueberries on the bottom of sliced bananas.

Draw thin eyebrows using hazelnut spread.

Slice a strawberry to use for the tongue.

Cover ears in strawberry yogurt.

Cut out peanut shape from a pancake and draw thin lines on it using hazelnut spread.