You know how sometimes you feel like changing it up? Having a little fun? Doing something different? Yep, we get it. 

Recently, we’ve had a lot of people tell us how much they enjoy Van’s products – the simple deliciousness of great food. So we decided it was time to make a little change, to shake things up, to adopt an updated outlook with our new tagline, Van’s Simply Delicious.

While our tagline has changed, our products have not.  Please know that we are staying true to what’s always been important to us – seriously wholesome, seriously tasty foods. For almost a half century we’ve been cooking up tasty, good-for-you foods starting back at the original Van’s restaurant where we first dished up whole grains and gluten free hot ‘n toasty treats. That’s what means the most to us and we know it means the same to you. So cheers to simply delicious foods – from us to you.